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Reliable, stable, and secure technology infrastructure for your application / website.


The domain name (domain) is the face of the website, is the hallmark of a business, choosing a unique domain name, winning with itself is not easy. If you are a 'latecomer', the ideal domain name is bought away, and still a competitor, what should you do ?!

Quickly check and register domain names before your competitors take action!

As one of the official distribution agents of suppliers of all kinds in the world, INNTEK Company specializes in providing all kinds of domains including international and domestic:

- International domain types: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .pro, .asia, .mobi, ...

- Types of domains in Vietnam: .vn,,,,, ......

Why you should choose INNTEK when required domain name (domain) ?!

- DNS management is completely free: Managing DNS records is simpler, add or remove depending on customer requirements such as IP, distribution address, Gmail, ...

- Free subdomain: Create more subdomains to organize website content more closely, optimally support website SEO.

- Consult the right domain name: If you have not thought of a suitable domain name for the industry you are doing business, please come to INNTEK for the best consultation.

- Support 24/7: If you have any problems or problems from our domain, INNTEK will provide 100% free technical support.

- Protecting legal rights: An adversary wants to convert domain names to detract from your business ?! We support domain locking, protecting your legal rights.

- Renewal notice one month in advance: When the domain name expires, INNTEK's staff will call to notify customers to renew the domain name 1 month in advance for customers to arrange.


Web hosting (Web hosting) is a necessary condition for a website to operate, finding a reputable web hosting provider is the top concern of any individual or business that has a website.

Are you looking for a quality web hosting service for your company's website ?!

- You wonder which supplier is reliable ?!

INNTEK Company is the most ideal answer for you. We provide top quality web hosting services, extremely powerful and stable server configurations with the most competitive prices in the market

INNTEK - The leading web hosting provider in HCM City!

- Powerful server: Server at INNTEK is a dedicated server of reputable server provider IBM and Sun Microsystem from the United States. Unlike other normal web hosting services, INNTEK's server runs stably with a high number of visitors.

- Competitive costs: Competitive price strategy compared to the market, coming to INNTEK, you do not only receive an absolute quality service but also preferential price.

- Technical support anytime, anywhere: In the process of using web hosting, if you have problems or need technical support, INNTEK's staff will give you all the best support.